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You'll hear about admission information, have the opportunity to sit in on a class, meet with a faculty member, learn about the honors program, tour campus and much more! If you want to take advantage of everything, plan to spend most of the day on campus.

Learn about the Honors program

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Take a tour of our beautiful campus

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Connect with a counselor on your campus visit!

Creanna Cote is the STEM admissions counselor - connect with her to make the most of your campus visit.

Creanna Cote, STEM Counselor
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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

UW-Eau Claire is the UW System Center of Excellence for Faculty and Undergraduate Student Research Collaboration.







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Great STEM careers start here

If your passion is science, technology, engineering or math this is the place to be. Just ask Tayo Sanders II, a 2015 recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship, about the opportunities available at UW-Eau Claire. The materials science major received the equivalent of the Heisman Trophy or the Academy Award of scholarships. The Rhodes Scholarship is the most famous academic award offered to a select few students in the world. He will receive a full-ride to pursue his doctorate at Oxford University in England. Tayo’s hard work paired with the right mentor at UWEC helped him achieve this amazing award.

STEM Majors

Undergraduate programs

Actuarial Science


  • Ecology & Environmental Biology
  • Liberal Arts
  • Microbiology
  • Organismal Biology


  • Chemistry
  • Research

Chemistry, A.C.S. (M)

  • Biochemistry
  • General
  • Materials Science

Computer Science


  • Environmental Geography
  • International Geography
  • Liberal Arts


  • Dual Degree, Geological Engineering
  • Earth and Space Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Hydrogeology/Water

Materials Science

  • Applied Materials
  • Biomaterials
  • Chemistry of Materials
  • Geomaterials
  • Liberal Arts
  • Nanoscience
  • Physics of Materials


  • Applied Physics
  • Liberal Arts
  • Statistics

Physics and Astronomy



average class size of 27
80% experience high-impact practices
zero classes taught by a TA

Visit campus and explore STEM

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Pre-professional health programs





Pre-Physician Assistant

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Interdisciplinary minors

Environmental Science

Computational Science

Marine Science

During your visit, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Hear about the admissions process
  • Visit STEM departments in our science building, Phillips Hall.
  • Sit in on a class
  • Have a one-on-one meeting with an admissions counselor

Get more information about our campus visits.

students in class with geology professor
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devoted teacher AND researcher

Dr. Matt Jewell may be internationally known for his work on research to improve superconductor technology, but on campus he is known for being an accessible, patient and devoted teacher. Winning an award from the Services for Students with Disabilities and a $750,000 U.S. Department of Energy grant is all in a days work for Dr. Matt Jewell.

research faculty at UW-Eau Claire


Our STEM counselor will help you understand the admissions process, and show you opportunities available through scholarships and other high impact experiences both on and off campus.


Creanna Cote, admissions counselor at UW-Eau Claire

Creanna Cote, STEM Counselor

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Dedicated faculty who are experts in their field

Our faculty help you pursue your interests, welcome you into their labs, and connect you with internships, jobs and study abroad opportunities. They receive thousands of dollars in National Science Foundation grants each year, which support faculty-student research on relevant issues facing the world today, and many are recognized nationally for their work.

Life after UWEC

Cartography Technician | Garmin | Kansas City, KS
Actuarial Analyst | Allstate Insurance Co. | Northbrook, IL
Fisheries Biologist | Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Associate Mechanical Engineer | Medtronic | Minneapolis, MN
R&D Lab Technician | Fiberstar Bio | Eau Claire, WI
Geologist | Maptek | Denver, CO
GIS Engineer | City of Antigo | Antigo, WI
Analytical Chemist | General Mills Inc. | Minneapolis, MN
Environmental Health Specialist | Wabasha County | Wabasha, MN
Research Technologist | Medical College of Wisconsin | Milwaukee, WI
Associate Financial Analyst | Ecolabs | St. Paul, MN
Software Engineer-Corporate R&D | 3M | St. Paul, MN
Water Resource Management Specialist | State of Wisconsin | Madison, WI


Sales Representative | ChemCeed | Chippewa Falls, WI
Dental school | Marquette | Milwaukee, WI
Graduate school | Neuroscience | Brandeis University | Waltham, MA
Ph.D. program | Bio-Chemistry | University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, MI
Master’s program | Zoology | University of Oklahoma | Norman, OK
Medical school | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Master’s program | Civil Engineering | University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Graduate program | Geochemistry | University of South Florida |  Tampa, FL


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Scholarships to further your research interests

The Centennial Experience Scholarship is geared toward incoming freshmen who demonstrate an interest in high-impact experiences such as study abroad, research, immersion courses and internships.

Details: $2,500 award to be applied toward tuition your first year and an additional $2,500 to fund participation in any variety of UW-Eau Claire's signature high-impact programs.

The Blugold Fellowship is offered to an incoming freshman as a special opportunity to serve as a research or project assistant to faculty.

Details: Students work with faculty members to conduct collaborative research during freshman and sophomore year. $1,500 each year and a $1,200 work stipend.

Save Me a Spot

Our graduates are competitive in the job market and secure placement in sought-after graduate programs across the country. Here are some recent placements where Blugolds are putting their research into practice or continuing on for masters and doctoral degrees.

If you're interested in pursuing an education in science, technology, engineering, or math, be sure to connect with our STEM counselor during your campus visit. She will help you connect with the people and resources on campus related to your interest while you're here.

Certificate Programs

Computer Programming


Geographic Information Systems

Remote Sensing

Web Design and Development