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If you can't make it to campus to celebrate, here's access to watch wherever you are!

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Campus Info

Parking, partying and everything in between. Here's all you need to know!

Ceremony Details

This event is the hottest ticket in town. Find out the who's who and what's what of the big day.

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Where to watch

If you have tickets, join us in Zorn Arena. Make sure to get there early to get the best view of your grad walking across the stage. Doors open for the morning ceremony at 7:45am and at 12:45pm for the afternoon ceremony. Make sure to be settled in 10 minutes before the ceremony to watch a special message from the graduates!

Blugold Pro Tip: The top row of the bleachers offers a *great* backrest.

If you don't have tickets, but still want to join in on the party, relax in some comfortable seats in the remote viewing area located in Davies Center. See your grad on the big screen in the Ojibwe Ballroom or the Woodland Theatre.

Blugold Pro Tip: These areas are kid-friendly!

Coming to campus?


Need to park close to the action? Arrive early and park in the Hibbard or Phillips lots. If you want to walk in your student's shoes, take a stroll across the bridge and park in the Water Street or Haas lots.

Due to the snow, please park in one of the university lots and refrain from parking on the streets.

Blugold Pro Tip: Be the hero of your party by dropping your group off in front of Zorn in the loading zone at least 15 minutes before the ceremony.

The after party

Want to commemorate your big day by taking a selfie with Chancellor Jim? Join him and other guests for cookies and punch at the reception immediately following the ceremony on the first floor of Davies Center.

Capture your smiles

You look really good and your backdrop should too.

SAY CHEESE at the most photogenic locations around campus. 

Davies Center

1916 Sign

The Bridge

Hilltop Center

Centennial Hall

The graduates have worked hard to get to this day.

Make sure they know how proud you are!

Cheer loudly for all to hear with help from this megaphone.

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Need a refresher on the campus layout?

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Alumni Advice

What are they wearing?

The head covering developed from the skullcap worn to protect tonsured heads in cold weather. In the universities, the skullcap acquired a point on top, which gradually evolved into a tassel. In Europe the bonnet with tassel is still worn but has been replaced in America by the mortarboard cap or tam with tassel.

In the Middle Ages, those with bachelor’s and master’s degrees could be distinguished by the simplicity or elaborateness of their gowns. The master’s gowns were often furred, a decoration surviving as the three velvet bars now used on the sleeves of the doctoral gown.

First worn by faculty and students, the hood is now added to the apparel of those with master’s, specialist in education and doctoral degrees. The color of the velvet trim on the hood indicates the scholarly field: for example, dark blue (philosophy), golden yellow (science), light blue (education), pink (music), apricot (nursing), drab (business), white (arts). 


It's the party of the year!

Here's what you need to know...



Ceremony Information

Charge to the Class

Advice from a Blugold alum who has been there.

The Big Moment

This is what you all have been waiting for. Cross your fingers they don't trip as they walk across the stage.

Blugold Reflections

This was one crazy journey, but we did it together.

Everyone Sings!

"We pledge to be faithful, stout-hearted and strong! And cherish thy memories as our lives are long."

10 a.m.  |  College of Business + College of Education & Human Sciences 
2 p.m.  | College of Arts & Sciences + College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Snow is coming: Here is our weather-related commencement update

The morning commencement moved from 9 am to 10 am. Afternoon commencement remains at 2 pm.

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